500 Rocky Miles Across Spain

500 Rocky Miles Across Spain

I decided Rocky gets lonely in my pocket all day with nothing but my Chapstick to keep him company. So I found him a girlfriend. Her name is (of course) Adrienne. Her surname can be Tardajos because that is the closest village to where I found her."



Meet Rocky Livingstone.

Rocky is special to me. He and a bag of his friends were given to me by my grandparents. When grandpa retired, he and grandma began the hobby of rock polishing. They are both gone now and I treasure these smooth, shiny, colorfully patterned rocks now more than ever. I have them in a glass vase and every time I look them, or hold them in my hands, it feels like a warm hug.

This past summer my friends, Catherine, and her daughter, Sarah, traveled to Spain to walk the 500 mile Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. I was so excited and happy for them to experience such an adventure together.

I'd love to do something like this but for some reason, I don't travel very often. I recall my uncle having once told me, "The Sudweeks are travelers", and you know, he's right. That side of my family does seem to travel often -  far and wide. And not just touristy types of travel, but ones like visiting relatives in other countries, working in orphanages, living among the locals, hiking, and pilgrimaging. Why haven't I allowed myself to experience travel this way? I suppose it's seemed out of my reach. How silly is that? I decided then and there that I need to think more like a Sudweeks, and like Catherine and Sarah.

Then an idea came to me. I could begin making contributions to my family legacy right now, albeit vicariously this time. I pulled a polished rock from my vase and asked Catherine to carry it across Spain with her. She graciously accepted and slipped it into her pocket.



The Adventure Begins!

July 8th - Salt Lake City Airport

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We've Got Mail!

A Postcard from Spain

Back at Home

August 2016

Just look at Catherine's big smile and tan! Rocky and his new friends, Adrianne and Shelly, look good, too. Catherine also brought home a Spanish coin for me.  SO COOL!   Thank you Catherine and Sarah for sharing your spectacular trip with us!


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