Rye Bread & Radishes

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Rye Bread & Radishes

Several years ago my friend, Carla, shared a Jewish Rye Bread recipe with me from one of her cookbooks, Rustic European Breads. I loved the recipe and purchased the book for myself.  Just the other day I pulled the book from the shelf and as I leisurely thumbed through its pages, I ran across the bread recipe again. I recalled that not only was this bread delicious but you make it in your bread machine! How much better could it get? Well, as it turns out -- much, much better!

I placed the ingredients into the bread machine (sans caraway seeds) and eagerly awaited my golden, freshly baked loaf of rye bread. While waiting, I read back through the recipe and noticed the author's note:

"One of the best ways to eat rye bread is to spread a fresh slice thickly with butter and then top it with rounds of sliced red, white, and purple radish."

Seriously??? Those Europeans must be nutters. There's no way that could be tasty. However, being the great adventurer that I am (stop laughing) and having just picked radishes from the garden, I decided to give it a try.

Much to my dismay it was fantastic! The moist, mildly sour crumb of the rye bread, the sweet, creamy butter, and the crispy, crunchy tang of the radish blended together to make a delightful, rich, completely unexpected bite of perfection.

I take it all back -- Europeans are brilliant! Rye bread with radish is fabulous!    


Grab a copy of the book and try some of the recipes for yourself. They won't disappoint!

Jewish Rye Bread Recipe  


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