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Novel Gobblers Book Club is a resource for readers of all ages who want to get more out of their reading. It's for book clubs, educators, students, escapists, history buffs, explorers, and the curious.

It's for everyone.

Our mission is to encourage all to Read More. Discover More. Enjoy More.  We use books as common ground for making deeper, more fulfilling connections with each other and our world.

Who Are We?

In-Person Reading Group

We are a small reading group in southeastern Idaho, with an eclectic mix that at present is comprised of teachers, scientists, engineers, and government and private business employees with personal interests that range from baking to yoga to wine to outdoor pursuits.

We strive to welcome new members of diverse backgrounds, neighborhoods, churches, employers, and age groups to keep our book discussions lively and interesting. We enjoy discussing books of all genres, including those books that as individuals we might not choose to read on our own.

Our in-person group is a few years old now and the format continues to evolve as we try to meet the needs and desires of the members. The idea here is not to create stress but to have fun making deeper connections with each other and expanding our  minds through reading and discussion.

Online Reading Group

Online members add a whole new dimension to our reading experiences. Using Facebook as the platform for our  Online Community allows us to operate on a much broader, freestyle scale and interact with even more book-loving friends. It's convenient, there's no obligation,  and you're free to dictate your own level of participation. Online members are encouraged (but not required) to read along with our in-person group and participate in book polls to select upcoming club picks. The objective is to have fun with whatever you're reading and to make it more fun by sharing and connecting with other readers.



We encourage all members to join our online community and subscribe to our website.


Bursting to talk about your latest read? Looking for kindred spirits?

We want to meet you!

We're also on social media so be sure to like and follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

In-Person Reading Group

Our in-person group membership is rather small at 6-8 folks, which we feel is just right. Any more will stretch our living rooms and our conversation too much. Our goal is to have considerate, interesting book discussions with a range of viewpoints, so we try hard to not have too many members from the same neighborhood, church, employer, etc.  If you're interesting in joining our local group, please contact me.



In-Person Reading Group

Our in-person monthly meetings are held in alternating members’ homes or occasionally in a restaurant, coffee shop, or other appropriate location. Hosting is not required by members, but all are welcome to host. The hostess sometimes tries to provide food that is relevant to the book we read (there was an amazing Cambodian meal when discussing “The Rent Collector” and southern picnic fare for “The Secret Life of Bees”) but other times we keep it simple with take n’ bake pizza, potluck, or simply appetizers or dessert.

The meetings are a mixture of socializing, club business, and book discussion. The host chooses the format for the discussion, which may include a prepared list of questions about the book, games, quizzes, or a more casual informal discussion—all of which have worked very well for us. It is the responsibility of the host to ensure that the discussion moves along and stays relevant to the book, even if the format is informal and free form.

Club business is briefly discussed at some point during the meeting and includes scheduling the next meeting and taking volunteers for upcoming hosts and book selections.

Our primary means of contact is in our Facebook Online Community. This is a easy way to reach all members and  interact with each other.

Online Reading Group

Our online community is still growing and developing. Depending on the level of interest and what's important to the group, we'd like to start offering live online meetings to discuss particular books and have the opportunity to get to know each other better. We'd like to start holding Book Swap Events in 2018 so watch for upcoming dates. And remember, we want the community to be valuable to you, so we're open to your suggestions and ideas!


Choosing Books

All members are encouraged to suggest books and the monthly club pick is agreed upon by consensus.

Something that has worked very well for us is to keep a running 3-month schedule of book selections.

Members volunteer to provide 3 book titles of their choice for specific months. Their 3 choices are posted in our Online Community for ALL members, in-person and online, to review and participate in a poll to determine the Club Pick. Majority wins, while ties are broken by the member that provided the 3 book choices.

Our Reading Schedule can be seen near the bottom of the Homepage on this website.

A reasonable reading goal for most people is 100 pages per week. While this generally ensures that the book can be finished in time for the next meeting, we are an easy-going group that is willing adjust the schedule to accommodate longer books or reading at a less aggressive pace.

Please keep in mind that the main point of our meetings is for all to have an enjoyable, intellectual discussion of the books we read. If you sometimes can’t finish a book in the allotted time, that’s ok—come anyway. However, if you are consistently not reading, is a book club right for you?



  • When hosting an in-person meeting, be sure to create an event in our Online Community so all members will be notified well ahead of time, typically no less than 10 days prior to the event, including a note about whether a meal or lighter fare will be served, i.e. how hungry we should be when we arrive.
  • Be safety conscious when posting personal information and adjust the privacy settings accordingly.
  • Respond to the event invitation in a timely manner as to whether you will be attending or not.  If many are unable to attend, the host may choose to reschedule.
  • We are interested in everyone’s views about the book. There is no one way to experience or interpret a book. In fact, differing opinions are good.
  • Be open-minded and a “good sport” about whatever discussion format is chosen.
  • Be gracious! Don’t interrupt others or dominate the discussion.
  • While it is interesting and appropriate to relate stories from your life as part of the discussion, please try to keep these stories relevant to some issue from the book.
  • Occasional guests are allowed if the guest-bringer has the permission of the host.


About the Website(s)

In the beginning, the website was hosted on WordPress but in 2016 I (Carol Ann) purchased the domain novelgobblers.com and started the website for our reading group on a different host. Why? Well, it gave me more flexibility and a fun address. 🙂

The original website still exists on WordPress and contains some great content for the books we read from 2013-2015 however,  I don't update it.  My goal is to gradually move that content to our new site as time allows. In the mean time, remember our Original Website (novelgobblers.wordpress.com) is available to you, too. 

Happy Reading!

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