About Carol Ann

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Who Am I?

Carol Ann photo Novel Gobblers Book ClubI'm Carol Ann. I also go by Carol. I started Novel Gobblers Book Club and blog in 2013 because I wanted to experience my love of books more fully and what better way to do that than through enthusiastic discussions with other book lovers. Having spent many years of being in the workforce and attending college, I finally (and proudly) earned my second degree and was eager to read for simple pleasure again. Plus, my youngest of three children was leaving home to pursue her own college education. It was time to place more focus on developing my own interests and talents such as books, fiddle, career, and a social life (yay!).

Where am I From?

I'm a proud native to southeastern Idaho, USA,  where as a child I actively spent my days outside in the fresh air with my dog and horse or playing sports with my friends. As an adult, I still love playing outside, whether it's taking in spectacular mountain scenery or walks in beautiful parks along the Snake River or gardening in my own yard. Of course, book stores and coffee shops are among my favorite haunts, too.

Novel Gobblers Website

Early on, the website was a way to keep track ofall the books our group read and to post club business. It has since grown to include book reviews, interesting discoveries, activities, tips, recipes, and book club mojo.

I hope you find it useful, fun and inspiring. Your participation is welcomed so please, add comments, join our online community, subscribe to the website, follow us on social media -- freely contribute to help spread the love! 

Thanks for Visiting!

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